Folder Comparison
for the Mac
«nub» nəb, noun
The crux or central point of a matter.

Nub displays differences in folders in an efficient and beautifully stylish way. Nub makes identifing changes in folders quick and easy by displaying what's important and hiding what isn't.

Nub compares any number of folders, it is not limited to comparing just two. Nub lets you save comparisons, so if you need to compare the same folders frequently, you can re-run the comparison later.

For file level comparison, Nub integrates with other apps. It auto-detects Kaleidoscope, Changes, Araxis Merge, TextWrangler, BBEdit and FileMerge and you can use your own custom tool as well.

Note that the app store versions of TextWrangler and BBEdit do not come with the required command line tool integration. You can download an addon that enables this feature from Bare Bones here for TextWrangler and here for BBEdit (it's free).

Nub Features
  • Compares any number of folders.
  • Comparison options include file contents, file dates, missing files, hidden files.
  • Look inside packages.
  • Copy files and folders to neighboring folders.
  • Quick Look any item.
  • Drill into folder.
  • Full keyboard control.
  • Drag and drop folders from Finder.
  • Save comparison setups to reuse later.
  • Automatic detection of external file-level comparers.